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Placement in levels may be reassigned based on instructor
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Available Funding

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1) If you are currently or will be attending a National Resource Center (NRC) or FLAS-granting institution, please select it from this list.

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3) All applicants who submit a completed SASLI application are eligible to receive a $1000 Fee Remission. Please note that there are some restrictions on combined funding.

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Form Submission

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SASLI is an 8-week session and all students must enroll for the full session. All students will be billed for the full session at the start of SASLI and no refunds will be issued after the first Friday of classes.

Students who are currently enrolled at any institution must be in good standing at that home institution at the time of application and remain in good standing through the SASLI program. Please contact SASLI if you have questions.

If students wish to change their level of language study after they have submitted the application, they must contact SASLI as soon as possible. All communications with SASLI should quote the application number, which will be given in a confirmation email after this form is submitted.

A complete application for SASLI consists of the following:

  • This online form,
  • $25 application fee, to be paid by credit card immediately after submitting this form,
  • Transcripts (for current students and those enrolled in the last five years),
  • A statement of purpose (one page maximum). If no transcripts are included, please address this in your statement.

Please send transcripts and statements by email to

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