SASLI Events 2013

Monday, June 10th - June 14th: Instructor Pedagogy Sessions


Week 1 Flyer

Monday, June 17th 8:00AM: Student Learning Session

204/B10 Ingraham Hall, Classrooms

Monday, June 17th 1:00 PM: All-SASLI Social

1820 Van Hise Hall

(FLAS Evaluations all week, scheduled by instructors)

Friday, June 21st 1:00PM: Instructor Welcome Lunch

8417 Social Science

Week 2 Flyer

Tuesday, June 25th 12:00PM: The Future of Area Studies
by Don Davis

Lecture 206 Ingraham Hall

Thursday, June 27th 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, Tibetan, Intermediate Hindi
336 Ingraham Hall

Week 3 Flyer 1

Tuesday, July 2nd 12:00PM: NSA Presentation

206 Ingraham Hall

Wednesday, July 3rd 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

Pashto, All Sanskrit and All Urdu
336 Ingraham Hall

Thursday, July 4th ---------------------------------No classes----------------------------------

Week 4 Flyer

(Teacher Midterm Evaluations, week of July 8-12)

Tuesday, July 9th 12:00PM: Discussion

Informed Student Research Groups
206 Ingraham Hall

Thursday, July 11th 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

Elementary Hindi, Bengali, Tibetan
336 Ingraham Hall

Week 5 Flyer

Tuesday, July 16th 12:00PM: Film

English Vinglish
206 Ingraham Hall

Thursday, July 18th 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

Sinhala, Tamil, Intermediate Hindi, All Urdu
336 Ingraham Hall

Week 6 Flyer

Thursday, July 25th 12:00PM: All SASLI Program

Ingraham B10

Friday, July 26th 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

All Instructors
336 Ingraham Hall

Week 7 Flyer

Tuesday, July 30th 12:00PM: Film

Chak de India
206 Ingraham Hall

Thursday, August 1st 12:00PM: Ice Cream Social

All Sanskrit, Elementary Hindi, Pashto
336 Ingraham Hall

Week 8 - No program events scheduled. FLAS Post-Evaluations scheduled by instructors, Final Course Evaluations, Class Photos

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