New online course in Spring 2023: Introduction to Urdu Language and Culture –  faculty at Community Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions eligible for full funding

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies is excited to announce the launch of a new online course in Spring 2023: Introduction to Urdu Language and Culture.  Enrollment is open to all interested in exploring Urdu language and culture, and faculty members at Community Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are eligible to receive full funding to participate in the course thanks to support from the AIPS’ Department of Education’s Title VI Overseas Research Centers funding. 

In this introductory-level Urdu language and culture class ($259 registration fee), participants will have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in Urdu and learn about the rich cultural traditions of Pakistan and other Urdu-speaking regions.  The 10-week online course is ideal for those who want to get an overview of the basics of the Urdu writing system, learn conversational Urdu useful for daily activities (e.g. shopping, ordering in restaurants), and explore cultural themes via dramas, movies, songs, and poetry.  No previous knowledge is required, and participants can earn up to 2.0 CEU credits for completing the course.  This is an asynchronous course, meaning that there are no scheduled meeting times.  Students should budget approximately 2 hours a week to work through the materials and resources provided in the Canvas course platform.

Enrollment Process

The 10-week course will run from January 12 to March 23, 2023.

To enroll in the course ($259), follow this link:

Faculty members at Community Colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions are eligible to have enrollment fees covered by AIPS; enroll via this link:

The course has been designed by Dr. Jameel Ahmad.  Dr. Ahmad has been teaching beginning to advanced-level Urdu for over a decade at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Spots in the course are limited; sign up today! More information on the course is available here.