SASLI Fee Remission Competition Now Open

The application deadline for a SASLI Fee Remission is February 29, 2024.

All SASLI applicants are eligible for a fee remission, regardless of nationality/citizenship, student status, or chosen language. SASLI Fee Remissions do not include a stipend. 

PLEASE NOTE: SASLI Fee Remissions are highly competitive and would most likely cover only half of tuition (i.e., $2,500). Therefore, all applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the WISLI Tuition Scholarship, which may be combined with the SASLI Fee Remission award to fully cover SASLI tuition. You may use the same materials and recommendation letters for both applications.

Please review the following before applying:

  • Fee Remission recipients should expect a fee remission of at most $2,500.
  • The review process is competitive and based on financial need and academic/other reasons for language study.
  • Students who accept a FLAS award are not eligible for a SASLI Fee Remission.
  • To receive a Fee Remission, you will sign and submit an acceptance form indicating that your funding situation does not conflict with the rules set forth by SASLI. 
  • If you accept a SASLI Fee Remission, your application will not be considered for the $1000 Fee Remission. These awards cannot be combined. However, you may combine a SASLI Fee Remission with a WISLI Scholarship.
  • Leaving the program early may result in being required to pay back some or all of the fee remission.

A complete Fee Remission application includes:

  1. Online application form. Google Forms automatically saves your progress for 30 days when you’re signed in to your Google account. Your progress will not be auto-saved if you are not logged into a Google Account.
  2. Statement of purpose uploaded into the online application form – One-page maximum that addresses how your participation at SASLI will help you with your career, personal, or academic goals and how you plan to continue your language study after the program. You may submit the same statement of purpose as you did for the general SASLI application.
  3. Statement of financial need uploaded into the online application form – One-page maximum that addresses a summary of major sources of income for academic study, the financial support needed for SASLI, and other circumstances that demonstrate your need for support.
  4. Two letters of recommendation or two completed SASLI Reference Forms should be emailed directly from the letter writer to SASLI at We will not look favorably on any one form of reference over the other.