Upcoming Language Institute events for undergrads

The Language Institute will be hosting a few upcoming events open to undergraduate students of any major.

  • How can I use my language skills outside the classroom?
  • How can I communicate the value of my language skills to employers, regardless of my career interests?

  • Where can I find internships/jobs that incorporate language skills?
  • How can I communicate my language skills on a resume or in a cover letter?
  • I am interested in studying a language but don’t know where to start.

Translation and Interpreting Career Panel

Tuesday, February 6, 4:30-6:00pm

1418 Van Hise Hall

Curious about careers in translation and interpreting? In this panel discussion, individuals working in both of these industries will share about their career paths, explain what it takes to become a translator or interpreter, and discuss what it’s like to work in these fields. Bring your questions for the panelists!

This event is open both to students who study language, as well as any student who identifies as multilingual.
More information here: go.wisc.edu/language-events

Market Your Language Skills: Drop-in Career Advising

Thursday, February 8, 1-4pm

Wednesday, February 14, 1-4pm

Unsure how your language abilities can help you post-graduation? Stop by these drop-in hours to meet with Lydia Odegard, Language Directions Specialist at the Language Institute, and learn how to create a personal brand that highlights skills you have developed through your language study and international experiences. Find out how you can “wow” employers by communicating the skills you’ve gained through learning multiple languages, regardless of your career interests! Bring your resume.

More information here: go.wisc.edu/language-events