Summer Language Program at UT-Austin Accepting Applications for Kannada, Malayalam, & Telugu (Online)

The South Asia Institute (UT-Austin) plans to offer online courses in the South Indian languages Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada during summer 2024. All courses will be offered through UT Extended Campus, but administered through SAI.

Visit our website here to apply and learn more about the application process, dates, and information for high school applicants!

Subject to sufficient enrollments and hiring, the following courses will be available:

  • SAL 506 First-Year Kannada I and SAL 507 First-Year Kannada II
  • SAL 312K Second-Year Kannada I and SAL 312L Second-Year Kannada II
  • MAL 506 First-Year Malayalam I and MAL 507 First-Year Malayalam II
  • MAL 312K Second-Year Malayalam I and MAL 312L Second-Year Malayalam II
  • TEL 506 First-Year Telugu I and TEL 507 First-Year Telugu II
  • TEL 312K Second-Year Telugu I and TEL 312L First-Second Telugu II

Program Tuition

The standard fee for each course is $2500, or $5000 for the full summer. However, significant fee reductions are available for students without fellowships or other external funding. FLAS Fellowships, covering the full program fee and a stipend, are also available for eligible students at UT-Austin and other FLAS giving institutions. Inquire with to determine whether you are eligible for a fee reduction or a fellowship.

Questions and concerns can be addressed to

USAI Summer Language Program – Flyer 2024