Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please ask us sasli@lpo.wisc.edu.

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How many credits do SASLI courses offer?

SASLI classes are 8 credits for one year’s worth of study.

How many contact hours does SASLI offer?

A typical SASLI summer offers 160 in-class contact hours, which does not include homework, studying, office hours, language tables, cultural events, and other non-classroom activities. Classes run in-person, Monday – Friday, from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm (including a scheduled 30-minute break).

How do I know if I am eligible for the $1,000 Fee Remission?

All applicants who complete the online SASLI application and pay the $25 application fee are eligible for the $1,000 Fee Remission.

How do I know if I am eligible for a SASLI Fee Remission?

All applicants who complete the online SASLI application and pay the $25 application fee are eligible to apply for the SASLI Fee Remission competition, which typically covers 50% of tuition.

All applicants are also eligible for the WISLI Tuition, which can be combined with a $2,500 SASLI Fee Remission to cover the full tuition cost.

When will I know if my course is running or cancelled?

We will confirm courses as soon as possible in spring. Some classes that typically have large enrollment may be confirmed earlier than others. Final course cancellations typically occur in early April, shortly after the SASLI application deadline.

I am a UW-Madison student, why can't I just enroll in classes?

SASLI is a non-standard course program offered through UW-Madison. Our policies and procedures differ from standard courses. Even as a current UW-Madison student, you will need to apply to the program and be admitted before being allowed to enroll in SASLI classes.

Can I audit the class or take it for no credit?

No. SASLI policy does not allow auditors. All students must take the course for full credit.

Can I take my class Pass/Fail?

Yes, this option is available through your Student Center in your MyUW account once you have enrolled in classes. However, if you have received funding (e.g., FLAS, Half or Full Fee Remission, or external support), you should confirm that the Pass/Fail option is allowable on your award.

I am coming to SASLI, will SASLI provide me with housing?

No. SASLI does not provide housing for its students. You may apply to live in the dorms or sublet an apartment near campus. More information is available on our Housing and Transportation page. However, awardees from Project GO and SAFLI will have housing requirements. For students with these awards, please contact the administrator of your award for more information.

I plan to drive to SASLI every day, where can I park?

Parking on campus is extremely limited. SASLI does not recommend driving to campus every day. If this is your only option for transportation, you can contact Transportation Services at UW-Madison to arrange for a parking permit.

Where are classes held on campus?

Classes can be assigned in various buildings, but we attempt to keep them as centralized as possible. The SASLI office is located in the Pyle Center (702 Langdon St., Madison, WI 53706), and all classes are usually within 2-10 minutes walking distance from the office.

I am an international student - will I need a visa?

The answer depends on your current situation. Our International Students page provides more details on this topic.

How can I get a transcript for my study at SASLI?

Students can request a transcript from the UW-Madison Office of the Registrar.

How can I transfer my credits back to my home university?

Check with the registrar’s office at your home institution. They likely will need you to provide them with a transcript.

Are the credits I take at SASLI counted for undergraduate or graduate course work?

UW-Madison does not designate courses in the 300-699 range as undergraduate or graduate because they can apply to either. Please review the information on the UW-Madison Graduate School Academic Policies and Procedures website for more details.

Are students in online courses eligible for funding?

Online students are eligible for the Half/Full Fee Remission and $1000 Fee Remission.

In general, FLAS fellowships are for participation in an in-person class only. Students who are applying for FLAS and whose course is only offered online should contact the SASLI Program Coordinator (sasli@lpo.wisc.edu).