Instructor Application FAQ

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the second round of the instructor application process. If you have others, please be sure to let us know at

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I entered the same email and password from the UW Jobs website but it is not working. Why not?

This online application system ( is different from the initial application system (Jobs at UW) used to previously submit your cover letter and CV. You may use the same log in if you want to, but you will have to select the red “Create a new SASLI account” button in order to get started in this system.

I applied in past years but I don't remember my log in. Should I start a new account?

No. Please first try entering the email you think you used and using the “Forgot Password” button. If this does not work and you are certain that you already set up an account, please email for assistance.

I applied for more than one language initially. What language should I submit my application for now?

You may submit applications for any language that you initially indicated on your UW Jobs application. You will have to submit an application for each language that you want to be considered for, as applications will, at some point during the process, be reviewed grouped by language. You are welcome to use pieces of one language application for another, but we recommend those applying as a lecturer for different languages to adjust their sample syllabus for each language.

I applied for more than one level initially. Which level should I submit a syllabus for?

You can choose what level you want to submit the syllabus for. We suggest submitting the level that you most would like to teach. If you are hired, though, you may be asked to teach that level or a different level.

Do I have to submit the exact same cover letter and CV or can I change it slightly?

You do not need to submit the exact same cover letter and CV if you want to make changes. However, it is perfectly acceptable to submit the same cover letter and CV that you submitted in the first round.

How do my letter writers submit their letters of recommendation?

Once you begin your application, you will see a section called “Recommenders.” In this section, enter the names and email addresses of your letter writers. Then, select the green “save” button under the information you just entered. Doing so will send an email automatically to the email addresses that you entered for your recommenders. In the email that is sent, there will be a link for those letter writers to upload their PDF letters. By following the link in the email, the letters will be attached to your application for reviewers to access. Please ensure your recommenders submit their letters by the application deadline. Prior to the deadline, we will reach out should letters be missing, but it is the applicants responsibility to remind their letter writers to submit the recommendation.

What should be included on my syllabus?

Each instructor is required to come up with the material for their own syllabus. You may find the syllabi listed on our Archived Syllabi page helpful as guidance for what has been covered in past years.

What types of evaluations are expected?

Evaluations that come from an institution are preferable. If these are not available, evaluations written by students informally may be accepted.

I have taught at SASLI before - do I need to submit my materials again?

Yes, you must submit updated materials. You may use letters of recommendation for two consecutive years. All other materials should be re-submitted.

If you are choosing to re-submit letters from last year, please contact in order to make arrangements.