Instructor Application

The SASLI 2021 Lecturer and Faculty Assistant applications are are now closed.

For those who submitted their application on time, we will be in touch soon regarding finalist decisions. If interested in applying for future years, please check the information below for more information about what is required of this application and how to apply. Information about the courses offered at SASLI 2021 can be found on our Courses Overview. Thank you for your patience!

Notes on SASLI 2021 program:

Some or all languages may be offered in a synchronous remote format for summer 2021. Hired instructors should be willing to either travel to Madison for in-person classes or work from a remote location, dependent upon the mode of delivery.

  • All levels of Sanskrit are expected to be taught in a synchronous remote format. Applicants for Sanskrit should prepare for this mode of delivery.
  • The mode of delivery (remote or in-person) for all other SASLI classes will be determined at a later date.

Apply to Teach at SASLI

For detailed listings of the current job openings, please visit the Position Vacancy Listings (PVLs) linked below. Please read the PVL postings carefully and contact us if you have questions:

For Lecturers: The deadline for 2021 has passed. 

For Faculty Assistants: The deadline for 2021 has passed.

Applications must be submitted through the UW-Madison online job portal. The deadline to apply for summer 2021 has passed. Required materials for the online portal will include:

  1. A letter of application
  2. An up-to-date curriculum vitae
  3. A document stating for which language and preferred level you wish to be considered. You may choose more than one level, but you must rank the levels in the order of your preference. Please review this document with samples of language preference formats.

Please pay attention to the following when applying:

  • Applications sent by mail or email will not be accepted.
  • Please do not submit applications for languages other than those listed on the PVL.
  • You must submit all three items (cover letter, CV, language(s)/level(s) of interest) in order to be considered for a position.
  • Instructor position dates are one week longer than the dates of SASLI classes, as instructors are expected to participate in the entirety of pedagogy training prior to the start of the program. The SASLI 2021 classes will run from June 14 – August 6.

Some applications will be selected for further review and will be required to submit additional information to SASLI.

Applicants selected for further review will be asked to submit the following:

  • Same cover letter and CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A sample syllabus for the language and preferred level that includes a sample lesson plan for 1 week detailed with 4 hours of class time per day (Lecturer applicants only) – More information about the class format for the purpose of creating a sample syllabus will be given at the time that finalists are selected.
  • Student evaluations from past courses taught (required of Lecturer applicants, recommended for FA applicants if available).

Not all applications will be selected for this second review. Please contact SASLI with any questions about this process.

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