Languages and Levels

On the general 2023 SASLI application, prospective students can elect to study the first or second year of a modern South Asian language or Sanskrit, as well as the third year of Hindi, Sanskrit, or Urdu. However, the availability of courses varies year to year based on student interest, and specific languages/levels may not run due to low enrollments, so it’s best to apply early.

Course options for SASLI 2023, including synchronous remote options, are listed to the right. Archived syllabi that include required textbooks are also available for languages offered at SASLI in the past five years.

Information on distance learning can be found here.

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2023 Course Offerings

Applicants can select from the languages/levels below for SASLI 2023 but should apply early to help ensure that your class will not be canceled. The modality for 2023 will be in-person, except for two elementary sections of Hindi and Sanskrit.

  • Elementary Bengali
  • Intermediate Bengali
  • Elementary Dari
  • Intermediate Dari
  • Elementary Gujarati
  • Intermediate Gujarati
  • Elementary Hindi (in-person)
  • Elementary Hindi (synchronous remote – not eligible for FLAS and ProjectGo funding)
  • Intermediate Hindi
  • Advanced Hindi
  • Elementary Marathi
  • Intermediate Marathi
  • Elementary Nepali
  • Intermediate Nepali
  • Elementary Pashto
  • Intermediate Pashto
  • Elementary Punjabi
  • Intermediate Punjabi
  • Elementary Sanskrit (in-person)
  • Elementary Sanskrit (synchronous remote)
  • Intermediate Sanskrit
  • Advanced Sanskrit
  • Elementary Sinhala
  • Intermediate Sinhala
  • Elementary Tamil
  • Intermediate Tamil
  • Elementary Tibetan
  • Intermediate Tibetan
  • Elementary Urdu
  • Intermediate Urdu
  • Advanced Urdu

Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu are offered by the University of Texas at Austin. Details available here.

2022 Course Syllabi

2021 Course Syllabi

2020 Course Syllabi

2019 Course Syllabi

2018 Course Syllabi

Questions about course offerings in general or prior to 2018 can be directed to