SASLI 2020 at a Glance

Graphic of student statistics from SASLI 2020“I actually enjoyed the online format. Though we would have had much more face-to-face interaction with other students and instructors if the course had been in person, I still found the course incredibly fulfilling and found that I did make connections with my fellow classmates in and out of class through the activities that my instructors designed and student-facilitated Zoom meetups outside of class.”

SASLI 2020 Student

“I loved it and was happy to see that SASLI worked to put on multiple events even in a remote setting. Super creative!”

SASLI 2020 Student

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the South Asia Summer Language Institute offered remote courses for the Summer 2020 program. From June 15 – August 7, students met daily via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for 2 hours of synchronous class time. In addition to this synchronous class time, students were required to complete 2 hours of asynchronous course meetings, work, or discussions daily. Course materials were organized through Canvas, and included daily reflective questions, lectures and presentations, audio and video activities, readings, assignments, and more. All activities were teacher-led, facilitated or moderated.

Throughout the summer, SASLI also offered several co-curricular activities including and not limited to presentations, guest lectures, and academic/educational development to promote the use of their language skills outside of class hours.

SASLI 2020 Intermediate Sanskrit Class

We had a total of 86 students take the Oral Proficiency Interview provided by SASLI at the end of our program, and for upper-level students, at the beginning of the program as well. SASLI 2020 Student

Of the 34 upper-level students who took a Pre- and Post-Test,

  • 23 Students improved from their Pre-Test to their Post-Test,
  • 7 Students scored the same on their Pre-Test and their Post-Test, and
  • 4 Students scores decreased from their Pre-Test and their Post-Test.

Of the 52 Elementary students who took a Post-Test only,

  • 1 improved to Novice Low,SASLI 2020 Student
  • 7 improved to Novice Mid,
  • 15 improved to Novice High,
  • 2 improved to Intermediate Low,
  • 12 improved to Intermediate Mid,
  • 4 Improved to Intermediate High, and
  • 2 improved to Advanced Low.

SASLI 2020 saw one of our highest numbers of scholarship awardees. This includes:

  • Screen capture of SASLI 2020 Class24 NRC FLAS Awardees,
  • 11 SASLI FLAS Awardees,
  • 10 WISLI Tuition Scholarship Awardees,
  • 1 Full Fee Remission Awardee,
  • 6 Half Fee Remission Awardees, and
  • 23 $1000 Fee Remission Awardees.


“Something that really surprised me about this program was how it gave historical and cultural influence on language. I found that all the teachers were very informed on the languages and the components of the language and the history behind the language as well as the cultural significance.”

SASLI 2020 Student

“This was my first every intensive language learning experience and I really was not sure what to expect especially because of the online structure that SASLI adopted, but honestly, it was a fantastic experience. I came out the other end better than I went in, and I feel like I have learned so much in such a short amount of time…it’s really not something that you can get from a Monday/Wednesday or similar type college course. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

SASLI 2020 Student


“(The instructor) fostered a really positive class environment and was always cheerful and helpful. I expected the online format to be challenging, but (the instructor) was so organized and prepared that there were no technical difficulties. I think we covered more material and were more productive online than in any other in-person class I’ve been in!”

SASLI 2020 Student