SASLI 2023 in Review

SASLI 2023 welcomed 51 language learners from 40 institutions who participated in online, hybrid, and in-person courses.

20 undergraduate, 29 graduate, and 2 non-traditional students from across the U.S. and abroad worked toward diverse multilingual, professional, academic, and personal goals.

9 courses ran for 8 weeks, each equivalent to 8 credits and 2 traditional academic semesters.

Bengali (Intermediate)
Hindi (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced)
Sanskrit (Elementary, Intermediate-Advanced)
Tamil (Intermediate)
Urdu (Elementary, Intermediate)

The SASLI community connected outside of class through a variety of cultural and social events.

Student-led Cricket Match
South Asian Board Game Night
Study Breaks with Samosas
Weekly Language Tables
Program Finale w/ Class Performances & Lunch

SASLI students explored interests and careers.

SASLI Lecture Series
Film Screenings
WISLI Student Conference
Hindi & Urdu Phonology Workshop
Less Commonly Taught Languages Career Fair

Dozens of funding packages supported SASLI scholars' language study this summer.

3 Project GO Students
5 WISLI Tuition Scholarships
5 Grants from Home Institutions
9 FLAS Fellowships from FLAS-granting Institutions
10 SASLI FLAS Awards
11 SASLI Partial Fee Remissions + 1 Full Fee Remission
12 SAFLI Boren Awards

Impressive speaking proficiency gains were reached, as determined by post-program Oral Proficiency Interview ratings.

Among first-year students: 1 Novice Mid, 11 Intermediate Low; 5 Intermediate Mid; 2 Intermediate High, 1 Advanced Low.

Among upper-level students: 1 Novice High, 1 Intermediate Low, 5 Intermediate Mid, 4 Intermediate High, 5 Advanced Low.

“Ten years ago I first walked into a SASLI classroom. Now this was my final year learning a language at SASLI (as far as I can predict). I'm so grateful for all the time and effort that the administration, staff, and professors have put over these years. I have had such a great experience learning so many languages and meeting amazing people along the way. As always learning a language during the summer in Madison is always the right move!”

Nichole S., Intermediate Bangla

“SASLI is a perfect opportunity to acquire language skills in a relatively short amount of time, allowing you to pair it well with other research interests."

Mike G., Elementary Urdu

"The SASLI program's level of intensity was incredibly challenging, pushing me out of my comfort zone. I was a complete beginner in the Urdu language when I first started at the beginning of the SASLI program, but I learned so much in just eight short weeks with the help of the SASLI program teachers, students, and administrative staff."

Cody A., Elementary Urdu

"SASLI is a very special place for language learning (and in a gorgeous location to boot!). The professors are excellent and deeply devoted to their craft, and the leadership team does so much to enhance and support the learning journey. SASLI can have a big impact on your career (and life), including in ways you cannot predict. Take the leap! It will be hard, but you will not regret it.”

Upayadhi L., Elementary Hindi