Summer 2020 Update

June 1, 2020

SASLI is no longer to accept student applications. Please consider applying next year!

May 21, 2020

All SASLI courses have been confirmed or cancelled. Check out our Summer 2020 offerings here:

May 20, 2020

SASLI is excited to confirm Elementary Bengali and Elementary Tibetan for summer 2020!

May 5, 2020

  • In conjunction with our WISLI (Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes) partners, SASLI has developed an instructional plan for the summer 2020 program. This plan outlines the framework of what the majority of classes will look like, though there may be some variations in implementation. This plan has already received approval by the Department of Education for FLAS awards for summer 2020. Our most recent update, including a link to the instructional plan and other informative documents can be found online at:
  • FLAS, Fee Remission, and WISLI Tuition Scholarship announcements should all come by May 15.
  • The $1000 Fee Remission will be available to anyone who does not have other non-loan funding, either from SASLI, their home institution, or another third-party source. Confirmation of $1000 Fee Remissions will come at a later date, though you can reasonably expect to receive one if you meet the qualifications.
  • We are hoping to be able to finalize classes by mid-May. Some classes have already been confirmed, while others are still pending (see below). Syllabi will be available closer to the start of classes, and the instructional plan linked above can be used for obtaining approval for funding.

April 29, 2020

As a reminder, all SASLI courses that run in summer 2020 will be offered remotely.

The following classes have been confirmed for SASLI 2020 (we will update instructor and textbook information as soon as we can):

All other courses are still pending. We have opened enrollment for confirmed classes and certain pending classes. Students in these classes have already been notified.

We may still need to cancel a class that is allowing students to enroll due to lack of enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. Any applicants who enroll in a course will be notified immediately if the status of their class has changed, and will be given options to change to a different course or have their application fee refunded. We expect that any student who enrolls in a class is highly committed to attending SASLI this summer.

April 21, 2020

We are working on confirming classes and instructors, admitting students, and making funding decisions. We will send out an announcement soon and will open enrollment to confirmed classes as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!

We are also finalizing an instructional plan for summer 2020 that will answer many of the questions of what the courses will look like and will post it once we have the final version.

April 2, 2020

The Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) will offer virtual language instruction in summer 2020. The announcement comes as the University of Wisconsin–Madison made the decision that face-to-face instruction will not be offered on campus in consideration of the safety of participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. For questions about UW–Madison’s response to COVID-19, visit

March 20, 2020

As of today, March 20, 2020, SASLI is still planning on moving forward with instruction. However, given that circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic are rapidly changing, we recommend that participants do not make any housing or travel plans until we confirm that classes will be operating as usual. We expect to be able to provide additional information in the coming weeks and appreciate your understanding and patience. For information on UW–Madison’s response to COVID-19, go to

In the meantime, we are still processing applications, though at a slower rate, and all of our funding opportunities are continuing as planned.

March 13, 2020

The Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI), of which SASLI is a part, is monitoring the constantly evolving situation with COVID-19. At this time we have not made any decisions regarding the cancellation or alteration to planned programming. Updates will be posted on the WISLI and individual websites, as well as our social media sites. For questions about COVID-19, see the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s website: and the University Health Services FAQ: